1. Name the 2 dee jays for the Funky Four Plus One?

2.  What was the name of the rapper who gave us the classic song
'Super Rhymes Rap'?  

3. Name 2 dee jays that spun for DJ Hollywood?

4-Before Salt-N-Pepa came along there was an original male dou known
as Salt-N-Pepa.  In fact the song 'My Mike Sounds Nice' came from a
routine this male S&P did.  Who was the original Salt-N-Pepa?  

5.  What record did Hurby LoveBug sample for 'the female' Salt and
Pepa's classic "My Mike Sounds Nice"?  

6. What famous rapper was known as 'The Son of Kurtis Blow'?

7.What record did Marley Marl sample for the Juice Crew classic "The

8. Name Craig Mack's first record

9.  Hip Hop pioneer Kool Herc had a massive sound system which
included 2 huge speakers.  What was the name given to those speakers?

10.  Name the Hip Hop artist who has put out more full length albums
then anyone else? 

Bonus 11.  What was the name of the artist that did Super Sporm was a
classic break beat..  What was the name of the album that the cut
Super Sporm was on?  

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