A Deep Valley Crip's Perspective On Peace...
All that shit you said about them talk show gangsta, playa that shit was deep....{FNV Newsletter.. 'G's Really Do Make The World Go Round']I believe we need to get some of these talk shows off the air playa...Cuzz I think they just using us brothas n sistas, so people can watch their shows....I hate Geraldo the most, cuzz the fool is always talking about OJ, and he can't sleep till OJ is locked up dawg...Alright also say when somebody gets rape by someone, Geraldo is always quick to say was it a BLACK MALE! Geraldo talks nothing but bullshit thug!

I think Rick Lake uses brothas n sistas to watch her show kid...She always has us brothas n sistas on her show arguing at each other...And I don't even know why some of us go on these shows anywayz...Also some times when they be having them white kkk's on their show, talking about how us black folks look like monkies, and we smell, and shit like that...That makes me want to go out their n straight hooride on some of these rascist people...They love violence...Let them commit suicide, and shit like that...Cuzz I don't even want to hear they shit...As black people we got to say fuck that shit...You know what I mean...We got to walk away from that drama...

I always say shit like that thug, but im always out their with my G'Z from Deep Valley Crip...Im 16 n shit I got expelled from my high school fuckin numerous times playa...Just got expelled this time for throwin down with some essays.From the eight grade up, to the 11th I done got expelled...Mainly cuzz of the wars down in Oside, between Blacks and Hispanics...The media was saying like how the riot was just black and latino gangs fighting...They thought it was kuz this fool Alex flores brother was murdered....Man know that was bullshit, cuzz Ive been going to el camnio since day 1 playa...The riot started off from the bitch ass essay mesa niggaz talking a grip of mad trash thug..But we handled them...

Homey if you ever been to Oceanside (619) then you would see how this small ass city, is just filled with crime, because mutherfuckers be just talking...They be always having peace treaties up in L.A. n shit, but I guess they don't be knowing wuz really going on in oside...They call oside, baby l.a. it's a small city filled with a grip of crime.Straight out of SD county...Oside was the third city in the whole SB county with the most crime..But they aint neva down here talking about getting fools together...Their is more hispanics down here then any race...We got a grip of blacks n certain parts..Most of my homeyz I will neva see again..Like my boy Tony Hearns, the nigga I grew up, use to walk right across the street to his house, and we use to mob, just fuckin with niggaz, he in jail for 17 years...The homey nelson Quiles in for 9 years.For attempted murder..The homeyz kevin and ernie in for the year I don't know, last time I heard about them, they was supposedly gettin out sometime in the year 2G'.. My homeyboy bubba, the nigga only 15 he been in jail for about three years now, ever since he was 12, he gets out every other weekend..My homeboy Lacey Black, the nigga I grew up with, this nigga only had 360, up in campo, this nigga kept throwin up Deep Valley Crips, and they ready to put that nigga up in cYA...So many more of my homeyz lock down they I done lost to this game..My dad be kind of keepin me on lock down, cuzz he know if I was out on the street, the same thing, I would be hiding from authorities last time, though I got caught I served a 280...dayz..sentence...But like my nigga puffy said....CAN'T NOBODY HOLD ME DOWN...THUG..!

About the East coast west coast shit, that shit is bullshit...When is people gonna learn that it's all about the green, femalez, and just being a playa...The rest is bullshit.

Signing out (Macedonia Soldiers)
Da Usual Suspects!
Capital C

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