Davey D's
Friday Night Vibe Top 30
March 28-April 4 1996
The Friday Night Vibe airs every week on 94.1 FM KPFA in Northern Cali..
Check it out from 9-12 midnight.

  1. ASKARI X 'Oakland Streets'-88 bpm [Slow Motion]
  2. MC REN 'Mad Scientist'-87 bpm [Ruthless]
  3. CONSCIOUS DAUGHTERS 'Come Smooth...'-90 bpm [Priority]
  4. GETO BOYS 'The World Is A Ghetto'-83 bpm [Noo-Trybe]
  5. MAC MALL 'Get Right'-84 bpm [Relativity]
  6. FAT JOE 'Envy'-88 bpm [Relativity]
  7. ICE T 'Pimp Anthem'-85 bpm [Priority]
  8. GROUP HOME 'Tha Realness'-87 bpm [Payday]
  9. WHITEY DON w/KRS-ONE 'Lyrical Shot'-83 bpm [Jive]
  10. GEORGE CLINTON 'If You Wanna Get...'-105 bpm [Sony]

  11. KOOL KEITH 'Slide We Fly-86 bpm [Funky Ass]
  12. OMNISCIENCE 'Touch Y'all' 81 bpm [East West]
  13. BROTHER J 'It's Time To Build'-90 bpm [Island]
  14. TOO SHORT 'Gettin' It' 83 bpm [Jive]
  15. YELLA 'For The E'-79 bpm [Ruthless]
  16. LORD FINESSE 'Flip Da Script' -88 bpm [Penalty]
  17. SPICE 1 'AIn't No Love' 89 bpm [Jive]
  18. ME & MY COUSIN 'Smooth'-100 bpm [Priority]
  19. BAHAMADIA 'Spontaniety'-90 bpm [EMI]
  20. HEATHER B 'If Headz Only Knew'-88 bpm [EMI]

  21. SHYHEIM 'Is It Real' 88 bpm [Noo Trybe]
  22. POSITIVE K 'Mr Jiggliano'-84 bpm [Creative Control]
  23. SUGA T "If I Took Your Boyfriend'-90 bpm [Jive]
  24. SMOOTH DA HUSTLER 'Murderfest'-88 bpm [Profile]
  25. RENEE 'Renee' 90 bpm [Island]
  26. LATEEF 'The Wreckoning'-83 bpm [Soleside]
  27. TESZ 'My Money Keeps Telling Me'-90 bpm [Outbac]
  28. MACKADELIKS 'Power Of A Playa' 96 bpm [Sunset]
  29. L'IL 1/2 DEAD 'Southern Girl'-91 bpm [Priority]
  30. 3 X KRAZY 'Flowamatic' 88 [Noo-Trybe]


  • SADAT X 'Hang 'Em High' 93 bpm [Loud]
  • FRANKIE CUTLASS 'You And You And You'-94 bpm [Relativity]
  • ICE T 'Pimp Anthem'-85 bpm [Priority]
  • MACKADELIKS 'Power Of A Playa' 96 bpm [Sunset]
  • WC & THE MADD CIRCLE 'THE ONE' 90 bpm [Priority]

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