Davey D's
Friday Night Vibe Top 30
April 4-11 1996
The Friday Night Vibe airs every week on 94.1 FM KPFA in Northern Cali..
Check it out from 9-12 midnight.

  1. MC REN 'Mad Scientist'-87 bpm [Ruthless]
  2. GETO BOYS 'The World Is A Ghetto'-83 bpm [Noo-Trybe]
  3. CONSCIOUS DAUGHTERS* 'Come Smooth...'-90 bpm [Priority]
  4. ICE T 'Pimp Anthem'-85 bpm [Priority]
  5. GEORGE CLINTON 'If You Wanna Get...'-105 bpm [Sony]
  6. ASKARI X*'Oakland Streets'-88 bpm [Slow Motion]
  7. GROUP HOME 'Tha Realness'-87 bpm [Payday]
  8. WHITEY DON w/KRS-ONE 'Lyrical Shot'-83 bpm [Jive]
  9. YELLA 'For The E'-79 bpm [Ruthless]
  10. MAC MALL* 'Get Right'-84 bpm [Relativity]

  11. SADAT X 'Hang 'Em High' 93 bpm [Loud]
  12. 3 STEPS TO NOWHERE 'Something Kinda Jazzy'-97 [Tommy Boy]
  13. WC & THE MADD CIRCLE 'THE ONE' 90 bpm [Priority]
  14. LATEEF*'The Wreckoning'-83 bpm [Soleside]
  15. BAHAMADIA 'Spontaniety'-90 bpm [EMI]
  16. ME & MY COUSIN 'Smooth'-100 bpm [Priority]
  17. FAT JOE 'Envy'-88 bpm [Relativity]
  18. POSITIVE K 'Mr Jiggliano'-84 bpm [Creative Control]
  19. HEATHER B 'If Headz Only Knew'-88 bpm [EMI]
  20. JAYZEE 'Dead Presidents'-90bpm [Payday]

  21. SUGA T* "If I Took Your Boyfriend'-90 bpm [Jive]
  22. 3 X KRAZY 'Flowamatic' 88 [Noo-Trybe]
  23. LORD FINESSE 'Flip Da Script' -88 bpm [Penalty]
  24. L'IL 1/2 DEAD 'Southern Girl'-91 bpm [Priority]
  25. SPICE 1* 'AIn't No Love' 89 bpm [Jive]
  26. MACKADELIKS* 'Power Of A Playa' 96 bpm [Sunset]
  27. FRANKIE CUTLASS 'You And You And You' 94 bpm [East West]
  28. TOO SHORT*'Gettin' It' 83 bpm [Jive]
  29. TESZ*'My Money Keeps Telling Me'-90 bpm [Outbac]
  30. RENEE 'Renee' 90 bpm [Island]


  • MAD LION 'Double Troube'[Nervous]
  • FUNKY AZTECS w/ 2Pac 'Slippin' Into Darkness' [Conspiracy]
  • BROTHER J 'It's Time To Build' [Island]
  • WISE INTELLIGENT 'Steady Slangin'' [Profile]
  • BIG NOYD 'Recognize & Realize' [Tommy Boy]
*=local Bay Area artist

Props out to last week's special guest Nonchalant and Chino XL
Next Friday April 12th.. our guest will be
Daria Niles and her band along with the Motion Man

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