In My Dreams
For all those who wander aimlessly
without purpose and without direction
without substance and without a sense of reality
you may fall prey to the butterfly Chasing dreams forever and ever
up mountains, across scorching deserts
through streams and deep into the enveloping wilderness
of what you thought was your mind but was nothing more
than a whimsical emotion that appeared stable
In an unstable world that was based upon falsehoods,
dillusions, unrealistic reveries and lies that were not to be
Do not chase butterflies

It is written that those who seek will never
find as long as they search where they are not
afraid to seek-To understand and appreciate the
true meaning of these words one has to be clear
as to exactly what it is they are looking for
Oftentimes what we seek is not what we want but
instead a manifestation of our inadequecies..
The question of 'where do I go from here?' is asked
time and time again-and so often I chose the answer
I want to hear..It is so easy not to be all that
I can be-It is so easy not to be still-It is
so easy to chase butterflies...

Dreams are the spice of life
for those who chose not to truly live
They are projections or distortions of the past oftentimes
True dreamers are committed to making some one
else's dreams come true in an extraodinary way
Their only dream is to be all they can be
But the reality is we are only human
and life's challenges begin..

I for one am a Dreamer-a great pretender-master
of trickery-My mind sees painted pictures in a world
where no paint is used..My goal at this time is
to not be a pretender-I cease to paint pictures
when reality is admist.. I desire not to chase butterflies

To understand my point of view-one must
understand the nature of the butterfly-One of
God's most precious creatures.. It's beauty is radiant..
It is alluring-like a Siren- It beckons and
men follow-It promises of richest and pleasures
beyond our wildest imaginations-but alas-butterflies
are fragile-and they die once captured-They're
magesticness is but an illusion-They are meant to be free
Butterflies lead where you don't need to go oftentimes
So I don't chase butterflies
Cause they ain't meant to be!


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