Though an object can never be a source of violence (only hurtful motivations or patriotic ideals fill that void), guns certainly don't ameliorate frenzy or paranoia in this country. Guns don't bring peace. Most "civilized" countries have outlawed guns, but amerika has some attachment, some degree of "individuality" that keeps our fire-arms in our dresser drawers, in our cars, or holstered on our chests. Guns are the true symbol of fear and loathing in amerika, and should be made illegal.

It has been said that any country would be absolutely foolish to invade the united states, not because of superiority in military (even though this country spends more on defense than any other), but because of the vast store of weaponry any nationalist would be able to obtain easily upon invasion. Are we so afraid that some terrorist faction is going to attack us? Amerika manufactures the guns that said terrorists use. If this country didn't have such a large defense budget, there wouldn't be anything to defend ourselves from!

The people of amerika are entitled to their privacy. To maintain this ideal, are pistols necessary? So many children die from finding a parent's loaded weapon. So many stores are easily held up with a pistol. Too many murders are efficiently executed with the aid of a firearm. British witnesses of the shootings at the top of the empire state building commented severely on the amerikan 2nd amendment rights, "this would never have happened in England, but you Amerikans must have your guns...", though no ripple of action has been taken to limit guns, only to increase security. How can anyone in this country ever feel secure? People purchase guns just for that reason, however, the need for security (as if guns were a blanket or a thumb to suck on). What they don't realize is that by supporting firearms in such a manner, they are perpetuating fear and loathing! Having a loaded weapon means there must be a constant threat of danger. Such danger would not exist if guns did not exist.


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