by Davey D

1-What Rapper did the song 'Square Dance Rap?

2- What rap star kicked these famous lines....

I used to live downtown, 129th Street
Convent, everything's upbeat
Parties, ball in the park
Nothing, but girls after dark
We chill, nobody gets ill
In the place we call the hill
But if you try 'em
That's when they will
Get wild, but they don't fight, they kill
At the...

[lyrics courtsey of OHHLA.com]

3-In the Movie 'Beat Street', what was the name of the character who
played the graf writer who got killed toward the end?

4-Before WC hooked up with Ice Cube and the Westside Connection what
was the name of his first group and who was in it?

5-Who did the song One Time Gaffle 'Em Up?

6-What famous rapper kicked these rhymes?  What was the name of the

I smoke on the mic like smokin Joe Frazier
The hell raiser, raisin hell with the flavor
Terrorize the jam like troops in Pakistan
Swingin through your town like your neighborhood Spiderman

[[lyrics courtsey of OHHLA.com]

7-Ice T has appeared in over 40 TV and movie projects..  What was his
first movie?

8- What famous rapper dropped these lyrical bombs on Tribe Called

Once again it's on!
You nigga's tried to dis me
You missed me
Chill G, For real G
Man u nigga's kill me
Tryin to knock me off the top
Yo there's no contest G in the market
Ya'll hata's never get at  me
As I deliver, hits too make em quiver
Make em shiver, Q-tip couldn't flow if he was a river
And me, I'm sellin milli like runnin the mill
And like Big Daddy Kane "I Wonder How You Gotta Record Deal"
Well everyday too make hits, you ain't got it
Til this day you never ? never had it
For me I tend to kick it like a partner
And must I remind you I'm the funky headhunter
I understand u bout as man as Rupaul
I come on your block and move you out like a U-Haul
So step right up and be the next contestant
A Tribe Called Quest Is A Bad Investment
I'm breakin em off with somethin proper!

[lyrics courtsey of OHHLA.com]

9-Who were the original members of Freestyle Fellowship?

10-Name 5 rappers who have had their own or were featured in their own
weekly TV shows or sitcoms

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