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Yo Yo Runs
Into Sampling Problems

Yo Yo joins the ranks of those artists who have run into problems for not clearing their samples.. In her case she ran into trouble with old school diva Cheryl Lynn for sampling her classic record 'To Be Real'... I hadn't known Ms Lynn to get upset in the past... after all, one of the very first recordede rap records used her beat... That was done by the Funky Four Plus One More.. back in '81... The name of the song was 'Rockin' The House'... In more recent times.. Cheryl Lynn's beat was the driving rhythm behind the popular song by Father MC entitled 'Treat Her Right'...

Whatever the case in the past, this time Cheryl Lynn decided to flex with regards to Yo Yo... .. She created a situation which resulted in Yo Yo having to pull her new album off of shelves... It was gonna be too costly to remove the song and then reissue the album in addition to redoing the cd cover and changing liner notes.. The lesson here is that people will have to watch what they sample... At least in Yo Yo's case she has her acting to fall back upon...

written by
Davey D