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Wu-Tang Clan Goes Off

July 5 1997

As you know one of the most anticipated albums of the year finally dropped by one of hip hop's most celebrated and innovated groups... The Wu-Tang Clan with the release of Wu-Tang Forever, has pretty much turned the rap world upside on its ear...

We're talking about a group that has already sold almost a million copies and has reached a certain status that very few rap groups have managed to duplicate... They've managed to remain underground while expanding their appeal within commercial and alternative arenas...Heck, they're even playing the first single Triumph on commercial stations throughout the country.. Now with all this success one has to wonder why Wu-Tang would engage in some disparaging activities..

There have been several reports about the group not showing up for gigs... A couple of months ago they ran into problems with the Baker Boyz of Power 106 in Los Angeles.. Apparently the group was supposed to appear for the hip hop duo's's anniversary concert.. There were lots of adds that ran on the station promising folks that the Wu-Tang would grace the stage...Now for whatever reason the group never appeared.. Unconfirmed reports stated that there were death threats directed at the group because of the whole East/ West Coast controversy... hence the members decided to lay low while in Los Angeles.. and eventually they broke out.. The Baker Boyz upon realizing that they were being stood up. went on air during the night of the anniversary party and thoroughly thrashed the group..Supposedly Method Man and another Wu-Tang member was still in town and heard this over the air and controversy was born...If what I'm hearing is correct, The Baker Boyz and Wu-Tang have hashed out their differences.. But there are still lots of upset fans in LA.

During the recent Summer Jam concert put on by New York's Hot 97.. Wu-Tang brought forth some more drama...Hot 97 like many other stations around the country puts on an annual benefit concert.. Most of the artists volunteer their services..But because Wu-Tang had blown up and became so large the group was actually paid... When they hit the stage toward the end of the concert.. they began thrashing Hot 97.. The spoke ill about the station and made fun of its slogan.. Instead of saying Hot 97 was the station where Hip Hop lives... they dissed it and said it was the station where hip hop died.. Witnesses say that Wu-Tang members began dissing many of Hot 97's air personalities and let it be publicly known that they were disappointed in the type of support they were receiving from their hometown radio station... Hot 97 has responded to Wu-Tang's verbal attack by adopting the slogan 'Wu-Tang Not Forever'..

Like it or not.. dissing a major radio station at a day in time where we have a handful of companies owning dozens of stations in various cities.. is never a good idea.. If Wu-Tang is not careful they could find themselves severely Black balled... With that being said.. there has been another report of Wu-Tang not showing up for a concert...According to reports, Wu-Tang was supposed to appear at the London Brixton Academy... However, only a handful of the clan showed up including Cappadonna, Method Man, Raekwon and DJ Mathematics.. They stretched things out by having a cousin and their tour manager appear on stage.. Needless to say as was the case in LA 'no show'.. folks were left thoroughly disappointed.. I hope Wu-Tang gets it all together.. I will say this.. There is a very well known rap artist who has taken issue with the group and will soon be releasing something not just on vinyl but within an enhanced CD that will go after the group in a big way...This particular artist said he was angered when Wu-Tang made remarks about their brand of music being the only true hip hop.. Hey also felt that the group had made some unflattering remarks about him.. so its on... From what I hear the response will be creative, controversial and funny... So be on the look out..

Davey D