If you like Goodie Mob, you'll like Witchdoctor
Deep and very spiritual
An Album To Make You Think

Witchdoctor comes from the camp of Organized Noize.. These are the same guys who brought you groups like Outkast, Goodie Mobb and Society Of Soul.. If you like any of those groups..you will definitely dig Witchdoctor..For starters damn near all these guys show up on WitchDoctors album..Secondly, they come at you with that down south...gritty yet conscious sound.. They really have a way of touchin' your soul..

I can go on and on about the album..but I won't.. 'The SWAT Ritual'.. has a theme.. It has meaning.. It has substance.. Standout tracks include; '7th Floor Serengetti' which is the lead off track, an introspective rap called 'Hurtin' also reaches deep into your soul.. 'Heaven Comin' lets you know why these groups from Organized Noize are so special.. Here Witchdoctor pays homage to the creator.. The most compelling song is actually not a rap.. but a wailing song.. called 'Lil Mama Gone'.. It'll bring tears to your eys and really give you a deeper appreciation for your mother..

Witchdoctor brings the noise on this one.. It's hip hop designed to make you think.. It's deep and spiritual.. Yet it gives you that dose of reality.. I'm into this joint..I gotta give it a B+

Reviewed by Davey D

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