Who Are The Allstar DJs?
The Allstar DJs are an elite team of some of the Bay Area's finest djs.. The team consists of Glenn Aure, Dave Meyer, Franzen Wong, Sergio 'The Latin Prince' Jimenez, Rick Lee, Mind Motion, Back Traxx and DJ Supreme...

Glenn Aure heads the team as the mix-show coordinator.. He is currently a part of KMEL's morning show called 'The Breakfast Club' which is hosted by Sway of The World Famous Wake Up Show... Glenn does live mixes 3 different times every morning.. You can catch him in the mix at 5:30am, 7am and 9am.. Glen also mixes two hours on Saturday Nite for Club 106..

Dave 'The Hitman' Meyer is a veteran DJ and the man responsible in bringing Wicked Mix Records to fellow djs from across the world. Wicked Mix is a remix service produced by Dave Meyer, and is one of the best, if not the best remix service around. Dave is a highly skilled remixer, producer and dj. You can hear him Monday through Friday mixing during the 8'o clock Quick Mix on the Chuy Gomez Show.. He also 2 hours during Club 106 on Saturday Night.
Dave's favorite quote:'HOW YA DO DAT THERE?'

Franzen Wong is an amazing talent who proved to everybody that age ain't nothing but a number. His career at KMEL began at age 14, when he came aboard as an intern. He gained as much knowledge as he could which eventually paid off.. At age 16, he was already doing regular air-shifts and guest dj slots which eventually led to his permanent spot as an Allstar DJ.
Franzen and his partner Trace Dog do a regular air shift called 'The Up All Nite Show' which runs Tuesday through Thursday from 10pm to 2am and on Sundays 3-7pm. They also host the first half of Club 106 every Saturday Nite.. Recently the two have been split up on Saturdays..so that Franzen hosts the first part of Club 106 by himself while Trace holds down the proceeding shift.
Besides radio this two man wrecking crew are also active on television. They host a music video show called CMC [California Music Channel] which airs Monday through Friday from 3-5pm.. It can be viewed on KTSF on your local cable channel... Being on air or being seen on tv is just great for Franzen..but don't forget his first love-music. So if you get a chance to witness Franzen at a party, he will be sure to rock the turntables and move that body.
Franzen's favorite quote: 'WHAT'S GIGGAMALATIN'?

Sergio 'The Latin Prince' Jimenezis another veteran dj who used to mix Monday through Friday on a segment called the Twelve O'clock Beat.. He now works at Hits Magazine in Los Angeles.. but his trade mark mixes can still be heard late Saturday Nites on Club 106.. Sergio is also getting into production and remixing.. so be on the lookout.
Sergio's favorite quote: 'I JUST LOVE THOSE CORN DOGS'

Rick 'Dragon Style' Lee.. is also nick named The Chinese Ginuwine.. If you're a native of the Bay Area and you haven't heard of Rick Lee or been to one of his parties, you're probably a hermit crab who never gets out much.. Before coming to KMEL, Rick dominated the mobile disc-jockey scene..Many mobile groups have come and gone, but Rick's group SBC [Style Beyond Compare] not only are a legend, but are innovators in the mobile disc-jockey world. Week in and week out, they always have parties to dj. Their schedule is so busy that on some nights they may have 3-4 gigs to do at one time. From School dances, weddings, house parties and various nite clubs, Rick has done them all..
Currently Rick can heard putting down his trademark Dragon Style mixes Monday through Friday at 5pm.. He mixes live while skillfully manipulating three turntables.. His work is so seamless that oftentimes it sounds like he's running a pre-produced 4 track tape..
Rick Lee's favorite quote: 'I'LL KICK YOUR ASS DRAGON STYLE'

Finally we have three new additions to the Allstar camp.. First up is DJ Mind Motion.. He like Rick Lee has a huge street reputation.. He's part of a famous crew of hip hop djs called The Pirate DJs... Without a doubt Mind Motion is one of the Bay Area's best... when it comes to a party he definitely puts it down.. He puts out mix tapes which sell out on the regular.. He's also one of the buyers at Zebra Records in San Francisco...The clubs that Mind Motion spins at are too numerous to name.. But he's best known for the parties that he and his crew The Pirate DJs habitually throw.. They include Cream Of Beat and Temple Of Boom....
Mind Motion's favorite quote: 'GO GET MY SHINE BOX'

DJ Supreme is another well known and respected DJ here in the Bay Area.. He's part of a larger DJ crew called The Original DJs which include Positiviley Red who spins on our competing station.. and CJ Flash who was an original member for Timex Social Club.. Supreme like Mind Motion works at Zebra Records and also puts out mix tapes every month...He also spins at Club Annies on Saturdays in addition to putting it down for Club 106..

DJ Back Traxx was once a member of our competition's team.. Radio politics forced him to break camp and we gladly picked him up.. His skillz are well respected and he's the man to put it in motion every Saturday during the second half of Club 106..
Back Traxx's favorite quote:'That Shit's Crazy'

So there you have it.. The Allstar DJs! With so much raw talent that this elite team possesses, it's no wonder why this team is ranked number 1. The Allstar Djs are very influential in breaking new music and artists as well.. The Allstars plan to continue to dominate the Bay Area and will be unstoppable, unfadeable and indestructible for as long as they are at KMEL.. So as the song goes.. 'I Think You Betta Recognize'... The Allstar Djs would like to give props, shout outs and respect to all the djs world wide who are keeping it real.. All biters and perpetrators can get 'Deez Nuts'..

Glenn Aure
Mix Show Coordinator

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