The Great
White Hype

Was All Hype

I ain't no movie maker..and I don't profess to be..But I will say this.. If you're gonna make a movie..make a good one and finish up what you start.. Don't start off with a bang and leave witha fizzle.. Let me have a lasting impression of your work long after it's over... I don't know who directed Great White Hype..but someone needed to talk that director about plot development..and firm completion..

Samule Jackson played a great role as someone who I guess could be likened to boxing promoter Don King...Jamie Foxx was cool and so was Damon Wayans...The big problem here was they started out with a good find a white boxer to take on the champ..The humor started off prettry strong.. and by the end..everything just faded on outinto just plain silliness... The movie itself ended abruptly. More then a few folks left scratching their heads.. I will say this however, one did get hyped on the white boxer... but that's another story..

Overall...I would suggest catching this movie as a matinee when you can get in at half price... Don't travel across town to see it and don't bring a date... Be prepared to leave early.

Davey D

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