Hip Hop's Most Improved Emcee Hits The Mark
Straight Rewind Material

There ain't much to say about this album except.. Hip Hop veteran WC delivers and he delivers big with this album..'The Shadiest One'.. WC had always been a good emcee..but, he didn't really began to catch attention until he joined the Westside Connection.. His devastating verse in the song 'Bow Down'.. had a lot headz taking serious notice.. This kid can wreck a microphone.. It's interesting to note, that when Ice Cube and company started getting heat for The Westside Connection, people seemed to leave WC's name out of the criticisms..They came after Cube.. and they came after Mack 10.. But folks seemed to know that WC.. could flip verses and wasn't heated on...This without a doubt is the year that veteran rapper WC takes his place in the spotlight...It's been along time coming... Since the days of him rolling with Low Profile to Mad Circle and later with Westside Connection .

The Shadiest One', has everyone from E-40, to Ice Cube, to Too Short, to CJ Mac,to Daz Dillinger, to Mack 10 to Ron Banks of the old school group The Dramatics. WC flips some nice rhymes with this old school soul music legend.

WC has been severely underrated. This year he'll be featured on the Smoking Grooves Tour.. If I was the Smoking Groove's people I'd put him on the line up and let him take it over the top... Standout tracks on his lp include..the nostalgic 'Fuckin' With A House Party, where WC ironically talks about getting his butt beat while attending a house party thrown by a scandulous female.. The hard hittin', piano laced 'The Shadiest One' is off the hook. here CJ Mac and WC talk about holding on to their money. The old school sounding 'Like That' which features Ice Cube, Daz Dillinger and CJ Mac is another head bobbin' joint.. Folks will realy dig 'Can't Hold Back' which is 98 version of the Big Daddy Kane classic 'Ain't No Half Steppin'.Here WC flips the script by having Ice Cube rerap the chorus to the classic jam 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life'[There ain't a problem that I can't fix...]. The smoothed out commercial sounding 'Better Days'.with Ron Banks is on point as well as 'Call It What You Want' where WC raps about how his girl is cheating on him...Another smoothed out track that hits is.. 'Keep On Hustlin' which features E-40 and Too Short...

Like many West coast albums WC and his crew give ya lots and lots of hard hittin' funk that'll make your head bop...This album is something for your ride.. Turn up your system real loud and this let the music take control.. This is one of my favorite albums of the year.. I gotta give my boy an A

Reviewed By Davey D

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