Earlier this summer a flag symbolizing the values of the Hip Hop Nation was officially revealed here in San Francisco. The Hip Hop Unity Flag is the brain child of community activist James P Queen who is the President of Racial Unity Inc. The flag features the colors of our human family: Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White.. Unlike most flags whose stripes are laid horizontally the Hip Hop Generation-Unity Flag's stripes stand vertical/ side by side.. The significance of this is to show equality.. because no color is above the other.. In short the flag stands for unity..

The flag was officially adopted by KMEL Radio and was featured prominently during it's mega-summer jam concert.. All the t-shirts, key chains and huge stage designs as well as it's Summer Jam program booklet featured the Unity Flag...During the press conference when the flag was officially unveiled, Def Jam CEO Russell Simmons , MC Hammer and Sway of the internationally syndicated Hip Hop Wake Up Show came out in support of the flag and it's message of Unity.. Ice Cube was scheduled to appear as well and also officially endorse the flag but his filming schedule ran into conflict with unveiling..

Earlier this year the flag was introduced to San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown during the Mayor's Conference.. Not only did he adopt the flag.. but so did the other Mayors... It was also used as a rallying symbol during last June's huge Peace Walkathon. The Jungle Brothers were on hand and performed during that rally with the flag as a backdrop. There are plans to introduce the flag to President Clinton.. later this year. As for the organization Racial Unity.. There are plans in the works for a huge conference on race relations.. It's scheduled to take place sometime next year...

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