The Ultimate Hip Hop
Picture Game
This is yet another test within the Ultimate Hip Hop Trivia Series....The twist here is that it ask you to identify each famous hip hop artist... Each question is worth 100 points.. Warning: This test is not for the meek.. Only a true hip head can get with these questions.... Good Luck

  • You all should know me... cause I'm a real cool fella... I'm a producer.. and I was part of a crew that forever changed the landscape of hip hop...I never turned my back on my closest friend who recently passed away...

    Who am I ?

    Answer=DJ Yella from NWA often spoke of his close friendship with the late Eazy E.. He was the only NWA member who never parted ways..

  • Sometimes people call me the hip hop JR Ewing... My favorite food is butter milk biscuits..Sistahs love me 'cause I gave them props in a song... I'm not known for driving the fancy car in the world... But I got much game.. I can pull any female especially if I'm cruising the Broadway strip in my home town

    Who is this?

    Answer=Sir Mix-A-Lot.. He calls himself the JR Ewing of Seattle... He did a song on the Swass lp called 'Buttermilk Biscuits'... His song 'Baby Got Back' was definitely a tribute to sistas.. He did a song entitled 'My Hooptie'... His song 'Posse On Broadway' spoke about his ability to pull females..

  • Back in the days I used to sport fancy Troop outfits... People asked me not to hurt them...And to be honest there's not a stage I couldn't rock... When he first game out he took a couple of pot shots at Run DMC.... Rick James is my boy...Oh Yeah I changed my name 3 times...

    Who am I?

    Answer=MC Hammer.. initially he was known as The Holy Ghost Boy.. Then he was MC Hammer... later he was known as Hammer and he later put back the MC in his name..

  • ' You all should know me.. 'cause my voice is similar to Richie Rich of the Bay Area.. I did a song with 2Pac.. I also did a couple of songs with Too Short, Erick Sermon...Heck I even got down with George Clinton...and I've certainly been able to hold my own in this rap game... I put my home town on the map... and my crew recently struck out and started doing their own thang...'

    Who am I?

    Answer= MC Breed hails from Flint, Michigan..His back up crew DFC recently struck a deal with Big Beat records

  • 'If you all don't know me.. Then you don't know hip hop... I am hip hop... No doubt... I'll take out any wack emcee on the mic... '

    Who am I?

    Answer=Blastmaster KRS-One

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