This is yet another test within the Ultimate Hip Hop Trivia Series....The twist here is that it tests your knowledge for famous hip hop lyrics and quotables... Each question is worth 100 points.. Warning: This test is not for the meek.. Only a true hip head can get with these questions.... Good Luck
  1. 'I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking..
    king of my jungle just a gangsta stalking
    living life as a fire cracker quick is my fuse
    vendetta is death.. I back the colors I choose....'
    Who rocked these lyrics and in what song?

    Answer=Ice T in the song Colors

  2. 'I remember how it all began
    I used to sing dirty raps to my east side fans
    Back then I knew you couldn't stop this rap
    No emcee could rock like that
    Then the new style came and the bass got deeper
    You gave up the mic and brought you a beeper
    Do you wanna rap or sell coke?
    Brothers like you are never broke...'

    Who rocked these lyrics and in what song?

    Answer=Too Short in the song 'Life Is Too Short'

  3. I was raised in the hood.. cuz so what's the dif?
    where the brothers in the hood be shift-a-less
    So I rest deepens so my ligaments
    pistolgrip pump on my lap..riskin' it..'

    Who rocked these lyrics and in what song?

    Answer=Volume 10 in the song Pistolgrip Pump

  4. 'Where ever I go if I be on the west coast
    we be getting high with the fellas who puff on the ly
    the loose stick and ty..everyday we be getting high
    With the other crews we be having mad fun
    Niggas know me from day one
    Life styles of the rich and shameless
    Niggas violate and they will end up nameless...'

    Who rocked these lyrics and in what song?

    Answer= The Lost Boyz in the song 'Music Makes Me High'

  5. 'Afrikan.. very Afrikan
    Come and step in Brother's temple and see what's happening
    It takes the bass flow comin' from a zero
    Tell me what a cissy know
    Funkin' Lesson is a new flow
    Stalking, walking in my big black booths
    living off the earth eating herbs and fruits
    The children await me by the mountain near the river
    gather 'round the fire for the scroll that I deliver...'

    Who rocked these lyrics and in what song?

    Answer=Brother J from the group X-Clan in the song 'Grand Verbalizer'
    Bonus Question worth 200 pts....

  6. '....That's what ya get when ya misuse what I invent
    Your empire falls and you lose every cent
    For trying to blow up a scrub
    Now that thought is justas bright as a twenty-watt light bulb
    Should've pumped it when I rocked it
    Niggas so stingy they got short arms and deep pockets
    This goes on in some companies
    with majors that's scared to death to pump these
    First of all, who's your A&R?
    A mountain climber who plays an electric guitar?
    But he don't know the meaning of dope
    Money's looking for a suit and tie rap
    That's cleaner than a bar of soap
    And I'm the dirtiest thing in sight
    Matter fact bring out your girls and let's have a mud fight'

    Who rocked these insightful, penetrating lyrics and in what song?

    Answer=The GZA in the Wu-Tang song 'Protect Ya Neck'