Didn't Have Me Twirling

It was with great eagerness and anticipation that I went to see what has been dubbed the Summer's big block buster...Twister. For those who don't know this film is about some storm chasers in Iowa.. There's the good crew which features actress Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton... They're a rag tag, unshaven bunch who are trying to do the right thing for the right reasons.. Then there's the bad bunch..which features a renegade member of the good crew who went off to get some government funding behind his former croonie's backs He took this money and started his own outfit utilizing the ideas and techniques of his old crew. ...The bad crew chase storms in brand new, sophisticated shiny black trucks.

Well let me get to the point here.. the two crews are in a race to get a tracking device inside the eye of a tornado... and on this particular day..there's a swarm of twisters..and hence our story... Now the special effects in twister are awesome.. I never seen a tornado and from what I hear these twisters depicted in the film were pretty authentic.. The action and suspense were on point.. One sat up opn the edge of their seat waiting and watching these devilish windstorms..

So we have great effects and a plausible plot and then disaster strikes about half way through the movie..Unrealistic..out the world type of events start taking place..The twisters loose their ferocity when our hero and heroines run torward the twisters and not away.. There was one seen when 2 ton trucks were falling from the sky just barely missing are fleeing heros.

There was another seen torward the end when our heros are confronted with a tornado that was supposed to be a mile wide at the base of it's funnel...yet they were running right alongside and not getting sucked in... Perhaps it's me...But will somebody tell me why Hollywood likes to insult our intelligence?.. They spent all this money on special effects and then ruin it by making things so blatantly unrealistic.. To me watching twister would be like watching the movie Jaws and seeing the shark get killed because one of the divers punched him with his bare hands... Your like sitting there watching this film going..'What the heck?'

Overall..if you wanna see the special effects go peep this flick...But if you're expecting some good dialogue and a more developed won't get it here...Also not that it mattered..but I didn't see any brothers in this film either..and I know for fact that we're out there in Iowa.

Davey D

What did you think of Twister?

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