Tribe Called Quest
Once Again (featuring Tammy Lucas) [Jive]

Folks have been waiting for Tribe Called Quest to break out with some new material for the longest. They just dropped something or actually pre-released it to us over at KMEL... It's a jazzy soulful song... that while seemingly crafted for commercial radio manages to keeps it's edge and subsequently the Tribe fan satisfied. Guest vocalist Tammy Lucas defintely wrecks shop as Tribe continues to do what so many rap artists are doing..cleverly interlacing good singing with some dope rhymes.

I guess the best way to describe the new Tribe song is in the words of my boy DJ Syntax... 'It's The Low End Theory reinventing itself..Once you hear the single you'll have to agree... ATCQ has a really cool song on it's hand.. Let's hope the follow up lp takes them to the next plateau in hip hop

Davey D