Too Short

Too Short Hits With This Joint
A Lot Of Slammin' Songs

I ran into Too Short about a month ago and he told me to look out for his new album.. He said it was gonna be the mother of all compilations.. he explained that in his travels across the country he had come across so many dope emcees and he wanted to showcase them.. He wanted to let folks know that there's Hip Hop talent in all 50 states...He explained that it was gonna be a double album and that I would not be disappointed..

I gotta be honest Short was right.. There's lots of talent throughout the land.. and Too Short has apparently found a whole bunch of folks who can get busy on the mic.. He got kids from Detroit, Dallas, Chicago.. You name it.. they're on here.. Short also went out and got some well known cats to also drop bombs.. People like Redman, Keith Murray, Father Dom, UKGs, George Clinton and Jay-O Felony come through and all of them hit..with some bomb ass songs. To be honest the songs from these artist alone, make the album worth purchasing..

The album has some really tight songs including; 'Get Your Hustle On' which features 11 year old Baby D.. The piano ladden joint will keep your head boppin'.. And yes the kid can flow.. 'Spread Your Love' by Murda One is a smoothed out..east coast soundin' track that'll have you forgettin' this is a Too Short album.. The song is tight.. Another bumpin' jam is 'Abstract Hustle' which features the street trials and tribulations of 38 Deep and Kat.... Nationwide has damn near 25 songs and most of them are worth a listen.. Many of them are good.. As is the case with most double lps get your share of filler songs..But keep in mind, most of these artists are new comers to the game.. I like the album.. I like the different styles that people put forth.. My only drawback is that a lot of the subject matter is the same.. 'I'm a Pimp.. 'I'm a hustler' type stuff.. That can wear on you after a while.. Short Dog himself is not bad on the mic.. But what I found interesting was he had a number of tracks in which he took on his alter ego pimp persona.. I distinctly recall him sitting up at Minister Farrakhon's hip hop peace summit and saying he would not do that sort of material anymore.. i wonder what happened to him keeping that promise.. In anycase.. this is woorth a listen.. I'll give it a B

Reviewed By Davey D

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