Tony Touch

'The Piece Maker' [Tommy Boy]


A really nice album. Full of dope emcees and nice tracks. Tony Toca sqaurely delivers the good on this project!...

Tony 'Toca' Touch is one of Hip Hop's ultimate mixtape DJs. On this album 'The Piece Maker' he brings all those skills along with a creative rawness we haven't heard in a while. Simply put the album is nice. It seemslike Tony was able to get everyone on this album. there are tracks featuring Wu-tang, Cypress Hill, Xzibit, Big Pun, De la Soul, Busta Rhymes, Gang Star, Kool G Rap, Eminem and a spanish rappin' Mos Def to name a few.

Tone not only brings sizzling tracks and star performances from his many guests, he also makes it a point to highlight his Puerto Rican Pride. He lets folks know about his Taino Indian heritage which is a nice change of pace. he even puts forth a song called PR Allstars where he introduces to a whos who in Latin emcees.

Touch also covers new musical ground. This is evidence by his latin flavored track 'U Know The Rules[Mi Vida Loca] which is done with Cypress Hill. 'Return of the Diaz Bros' is another blazing track which features fellow mixtape DJ Doo Wop. Here you have a fancy salsa like beat overlayed with the drum track from the b-boy classic 'Transeurope Express' by the German based Kraftwerk. Its nice.. Tony really freaks things with his track 'I Wonder Why? [He's The Greatest DJ' ] 'which is a remake of the the disco classic by Chic 'Greatest Dancer'. Here Tony includes the vocals of Keisha from the group Total.

Overall Touch delivers the goods on this album.. You will not be disappointed!

Davey D


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