Infinite Sounds

This Bay Area Emcee Has Mad Skillz..
Straight Head Noddin' Beats
Tone Is The Bay Area's Best Kept Secret

Tone Legend represents the growing number of Bay Area emcees who come to the hip hop roundtable with nice skillz both on the mic and on the production tip.. I hate to categorize folks but Tone has more of an old school East Coast feel to his music as opposed to the traditional west coast funk vibe that many artists embrace on this side of the country..

What stands out most in his album Mic Checkin' 1, 2' is Tone's creativity.. He doesn't try and be avante garde and real artsey.. His music is relatble to the average kid on the street but.. he manages to put a unique signature on each cut.. A good example is the song 'Don't Push Me' where he uses the chorus from GM Flash's 'The Message'... A slow drivin' bassline takes you on an intense musical journey where you can really feel Tone and his rhymes..Another track that hits is 'Infinite Sound' which borrows from KRS-One's 'Still Number One'.. Here Tone doesn't sample the entire beat.. he uses the bassline and adds his own flava to it.. the record works.. It's familiar..not a straight up bite.. and your head remains bobbin' to the beat..

Other cuts worth peepin' include; 'Time Slippin', 'Smoke gets In My Eyes' and 'Get Busy, Get Down' to name a few.. Overall, this album is off the hook.. Tone succeeds in putting together a complete package.. It's a refreshing sound..with an old school type of feel.. To be honest a lot of folks have kinda slept on this album.. But I guarantee once you hear it.. you'll become a fan.. On a side note.. Tone did well to issue a clean version of his album.. This has allowed djs like myself to feature various tracks on the radio... I give this lp an A-

Reviewed By Davey D

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