The year was 1542
we were taken from our nation
Sub-ject to whitemans slavery.
our families torn apart
we mourned separation
90 days on the bottom of slave ships
rats, disease, and infestation.
However the situation
brought about many insurrections.
The Afrikan spirit rose up
and showed determination
The year was 1553 when I arrived at camp humiliation
Little did I know that this place of toil
was the camp of concentration.
Traumatized by abduction,
my memories swallowed by a racist suction
CUP-ping my hands together,
I prayed to God for protection
from this inhumane situation.
What I tell you now is no exaggeration
my pregnant wife became a demonstration
Take this time to use your visualization
and see her bound to a tree.
While massa whips out his frustration till out falls
my .... Baby
Her breast covered with milk and blood
she hung in a deadened position.
They forced the children to watch this violation
of God's Gift-
The Hue-man Creation.
Forced to forget our language
and land
our spiritual connection.
Whole generations lost to mental devastation.
Many years later massa spoke of some constitution
I just wanted to know
would it end forced prostitution
So I stepped up to massa and asked
"does dis mean we's free?"
He said "boy
did I mention
3 fifths a man you be?"
Years later came this so called promise of emancipation
some kind of proclamation
So at night we prayed to God in Holy anticipation
But it didn't stop there
there was more exploitation.
We fought for our freedom
and another mans nation.
United we stood, divided we crawled
for separation was the motto.
A Civil war we fought for y'all.
Before the war we were promised forty acres and a mule
But that was a verbal masturbation by some politician fool
Now you may or may not know
there was never any retribution
300 plus years of slavery
has now become an institution
This is no exaggeration
simply realization.
Much later Dr. King marched for equality, and integration
Hoping to solidify
some type of race relation.
We got some basic civil rights
Dr. King got assassination.
In the same era
Malcolm X spoke of liberation
and black mis-education
Giving us an identification
no more assimilation.
Through him I found
man hoods salvation
But like Martin
he too was taken
by assassination
From Watts to Jersey
we saw flames of frustration
No longer seeking
white social affirmation.
The Black Panthers brought to this era
a plan for Revolution.
Black Power was the motto
self determination was the solution.
As Edgar Gay Hoover sat in contemplation
he created counter intelligence
to destroy this organization
More leaders died
due to government infiltration.
This is no speculation
I speak words with documentation
then try self evaluation.
It's 1997
I've seen slaves go through evolution
chains on our feet, to chains on our brains
Now mental revolution is all that remains!

-Kazembe Shuja'a-



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