Sunset Park
Was On Point

On a normal day, I would've proabbly looked at Sunset Park and asked the question whay do we always have to have the proverbial white hero..In this case a white woman come in and save the impoverished inner city African American youth..But I had just seen the flick Hoop Dreams the week before and I've been missing my home town of New York..So I was a little lenient on things..

Sunset Park was the White Shadow tv show in reverse... Here we have a white woman who has never coached basketball who somehow instills pride and hope into her troubled inner city ball team.. Her situation I believe was over shadowed by the role of Onxy's Fedro Starr who did a great job.. The subplots surrounding him..made the movie interesting and ultimately enjoyable..

Again one of the things I enjoyed was the New York City backdrop.. Those who live in the Big Apple may take such things for granted but for a kid like me who grew up there and hasn't been home in a was a welcome sight..I think most folks will enjoy Sunset Park...There was suspense and a lot of interesting points... Although I will admit the plot was not terribly original... Oh by the way the soundtrack is nice..

Davey D

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