A Solid Commercial Album.. Nothing Groundbreaking Here

This is the soundtrack to Jay-Z's long awaited movie of the same title.. 'The Streets Is Watching'..It's a mixture of R&B and hip hop that generally has more of a commercial edge.. It's a good lp.. I can't see folks getting too mad about it... It's definitely along the NY style tip.. Even Oakland based Christion who deliver two good songs have that NY vibe.. How would I describe the vibe? It's hard to say.. You just know it when you hear it...

There are a couple of cool hip hop tracks including Diamonds In The Rough's 'The Doe'.. I love that track which skillfully samples an old break beat from a reggae song called 'Fruit Song'. They flip it over a driving drum beat. The hook to the song stays in your head long after you've heard the track. 'Murdergram' featuring Murder Inc is also a cool song that'll get your head noddin'.. The rest of the tracks are ok.. There's nothing really groundbreaking about the album. I can see a couple of the songs eventually finding their way to the airwaves.. For example, there's Christion's 'Computer Love' inspired jam 'Your Love'.. Also Jay-Z's mellow 'In My Lifetime' has that commercial potential.. Again this is a nice kickback lp..It's an lp with some good songs... I give it a B
Reviewed By Davey D

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