Society Of Soul
Brain Child lp [LaFace]

At long last the last of those ATL soulful hip hop groups, Outkast, Goodie Mobb and now Society Of Soul drops their debut lp....Brain Child Their first single Pushin' was dope...a slow rolling..southern fried joint that dropped a potent message was unfortunately overshadowed by their brothers from The Goodie Mobb...I for one kept checking for them...and I recall Goodie Mobb giving them a whole lot of dap when I interviewed them a while back..

Society had a follow up song called EMBRACE which was a little too R&Bish for my tastes...and frankly had my concerned that they may have been a one hit group... First off, this song was a straight up love song...with no rap. But now that I got the album...I can see this group with lead rappers/vocalist Sleepy Brown and Big Rube are the absolute Bomb... The opening song It Only Gets Better... is a gospel type song..and while it doesn't have anyone flippin' verses it works and I mean it works well... The title song Brain Child... is a spoken word type song that encourages us to get our minds in shape... Society takes it to a whole different level..Another dope song along this vein is the song Judas.... reminds me of Pushin as they drop some really deep philosophy on religion...

Yo Society of Soul is like the new Public Enemy... Ya gotta check for them..They're saying a lot..especially on the religion side..but they're not preaching.. and the music is off the hook.. I mean off the hook.. Finally my favorite song Changes will having you longing for days that are long gone when we were a bit more innocent. Labelmates TLC is working the background vocals

Overall...I am really impressed with this album.... Producers Organized Noise are outstanding .. This is the type of lp that you wanna really cool out to and peep out on a hot day and just vibe..It's extremely a D'Angelo.. I repeat DO NOT SLEEP. Society of Soul has defintely added to the hip hop/soul music spectrum.

Davey D 5/31/96