'The Last Meal' [No Limit]


Snoop Is Back with xa bite.. but it won't hurt you too bad!

This is not a bad album for Snoop. It's marked by the abundance of George Clinton style p-funk interpolations. The beats resonate with the funk and the hooks that are sung over his rAps hark back to the glory days of the funk.. Its a solid album, but by no means on the same level as his landmark debut joint. Interestingly enough Snoop does a lot of songs with other artists, most notably Kokane who appears on damn near half the album. While they don't necessarily take away from the album, you find yourself not really knowing who Snoop is as an artist these days.. I was hoping he would go deeper with his lyrics but he pretty much stays close to the surface and at times comes acrosss as a mere participant on his own album.. A glaring example of that is on the Southern style song 'Back Up Off Me featuring Master P and Mr Magic.. At one point I thought I was listening to a Master P album. Another example is on the slamming hard hitting song 'Lay Low' which features Nate Dogg, and the Eastsidaz.. Overall its a good album. Its definitely better then his previous No Limit realeases..

Davey D


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