Billy Jam's Hip Hop Slam Chart

HIP HOP SLAM BAY AREA TOP 50 (2/27/96) (*=New Release)

1) 2Pac "All Eyez On Me" (Death Row) 2)* IMP "Ill Mannered Playas" (In-A-Minute) 3) Richie Rich "Half Thang" (41510/Shot) 4) Peanut Butter Wolf "Step On Our Ego" (South Paw) 5) Lil Gangsta P "meet the lil gangsta" (Erin) 6) The Dangerous Crew various (Dangerous/Jive) 7) Askari X "Message To The Black Man" (Slow Motion) 8) Hobo Junction "E.P." (South Paw) 9) Various "The Dark Side EP" (Tough Street) 10) MadFace "Black Attracts Heat" (Corn Field) 11) Rappin' 4-Tay "Aint No Playa" (Rag Top/Chrysalis) 12) The Click "Game Related" (Jive) 13) Conscious Daughters "Gamers" 12" (Priority) 14) N.O.A. "forilla" (120) 15) Various ³"Bay Area 4080 Nation Wide" (promo-only tape) 16) Dr Octagon (feat Q-Bert) "Dr Octagonocologyst" (Bulk) 17) The Solesides Crew Presents (Solesides tape) 18)* Celly Cel "It's goin' down" (Sick Wid It/Jive) 19) The M.O.B.B. ³never trust them h*¹s² (Bounce) 20) Spice 1 "1990 Sick" (Jive) 21)* Funky Aztecs feat 2Pac "Slipping Into Darkness" (Conspiracy) 22) Kinfolks various (Extortion) 23) Game Related "Soak Game" (Big K) 24) JT The Bigga Figga "Dwellin' in the Labb" (Get Low/Priority) 25) Suga T "Recognize" (Sick Wid It/Jive) 26) Get Low Playaz (GLP) "What we known fo" (Get Low) 27) Ironic "De Vallejo" (Conspiracy) 28) Tabb Doe "Reality Check" (Incognito) 29) Underground Rebellion "A-1Immaculate Funktism" (Treasure Line) 30) Souls of Mischief ³No Man's Land² (Jive) 31)* Milkman feat Da Goonz "It's on" (Major Music) 32)* Sacred Hoop demo tape (Miasmatic) 33) Silent Cries From The Ghetto/The Soundtrack various (Trigga Happy) 34)* Gansta Rhyme Posse "Skunk" (Strapped 4 Life) 35) J. Dubb ³Game Related² (Relentless) 36) Street Thugs "Not to be fu.?ed with" (Snake Pit) 37) Ant Banks (MC Breed) "Money..." (Jive) 38) Totally Insane ³Back Street Life² (In-A-Minute) 39) Insane & D-Mack "Lookin' Fo The DOPEMAN" (In It Fo Da Money) 40) Tha Dangla (G-Note) 41) Bay Area Playaz various (Anonymous) 42) RBL Posse¹s Hitman ³Solo Creep² (The Right Way) 43)* Marv/Mitch & LeMay "Livin In THa Strange" (Out Tha Drout) 44) Tha Fast 1 (G-Note) 45)* Land Of Da Lost (Lic N'Snot Records) 46) Hook Boog "Kreepin while ya sleepin" (Abyssal Giantism) 48) Marty James "This is how it goes" (Black Diamond) 49) Mr X "One time at the door" (Jungle) 50) Skip Dog "Ist the money,then the power" (BodyBag)
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