(4/6/96) (*=New Release) 1) Cell Block Compilation Various (Cell Block/Priority)* 2) Rappin' 4-Tay "Aint No Playa" (Rag Top/Chrysalis)* 3) Conscious Daughters "Gamers" (Priority) 4) 2Pac "All Eyez On Me" (Death Row) 5) IMP "Ill Mannered Playas" (In-A-Minute) 6) Mac Mall "Get Right" (Relativity)* 7) Peanut Butter Wolf "Step On Our Egos" (South Paw) 8) Too Short "Gettin' It" 12" (Jive) 9) N.O.A. "forilla" (120) 10) The Delinquents "Smooth Getaway" (Dank Or Die)* 11) Suga T "Paper Chasin'" (Sick Wid It/Jive) 12) Twisted Mind Kids "Twisted Mind State" (8-song demo: No Exit)* 13) Lateef "The Wreckoning" /"Latyrx" (Solesides) 14) MadFace "Black Attracts Heat" (Corn Field) 15) Lil Gangsta P "meet the lil gangsta" (Erin) 16) The Dangerous Crew various (Dangerous/Jive) 17) Richie Rich "Half Thang" (41510/Shot) 18) Milkman feat Da Goonz "Reminisce" (Major Music) 19) Hobo Junction "E.P." (South Paw) 20) Sacred Hoop demo tape (Miasmatic) 21) The M.O.B.B. ³never trust them h*¹s² (Bounce) 22) Spice 1 "Aint No Love" 12" (Jive) 23) Dr Octagon (feat Q-Bert) "Dr Octagonocologyst" (Bulk) 24) Askari X "Message To The Black Man" (Slow Motion) 25) Dream Nefra "Wanted" 7" single (Hatshepsut Music)* 26) All Haters Beware various artists (CTI) 27) Moe-Man "straight real" (Straight Real)* 28) Kinfolks various (Extortion) 29) Crack Emcee's "Ghettoblaster" (10 song demo)* 30) Primo "Stickin To The Script" (Black Power Records) 31) Master P "Ice Cream MAn" (No Limit/Priority) 32) Sick Wid It Records Compilation/The Hogg In Me (Sick Wid It/Jive) 33) Various ³"Bay Area 4080 Nation Wide" (promo-only tape) 34) Junk "Kiss My Acid Jazz" (Faffco)* 35) Game Related "Soak Game" (Big K) 36) Ironic "De Vallejo" (Conspiracy) 37) Funky Aztecs feat 2Pac "Slipping Into Darkness" (Conspiracy) 38) Totally Insane ³Back Street Life² (In-A-Minute) 39) Mack Lew "Music 4 Da Late Nite" (Snake Pit) 40) Gee-Que "Catch Me In The Wind" (Half Ounz)* 41) Various Blends 4-song demo 42) West Coast Rhyme Sayrz "Land Of Pimps & Hoes" (In-A-Minute) 43) Hook Boogie "Kreepin while ya sleepin" (Abyssal Giantism) 44) Bay Area Playaz various (Anonymous) 45) J. Dubb ³Game Related² (Relentless) 46) Dru Down, Luniz from "Thin Line B/w Love & Hate" S/T (Warner) 48) RBL Posse¹s Hitman ³Solo Creep² (The Right Way) 49) Various "The Dark Side EP" (Tough Street) 50) B.LA.C.K. demo tape

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