No Limit

Needs To Be Further Developed..
I Get No Sense As To Who He Is
Too Many Filler Songs
Silk Can Wear On You After Awhile

It's really hard for me to review the Silk The Shocker album because it really ain't my taste.. However, I do acknowledge he has lots of fans.. And more importantly that rough, dirty, under produced sound is what a whole lotta folks are into... Charge It 2 The Game ain't no Gang Starr album.. No you won't hear any Premier type grooves.. Silk ain't no you won't hear him flippin' verses in a way that sets new standards.. This album sounds like an extension of Master P's work.. and to that degree I can see this album being satisfactory to that audience... Silk brings the noise with some tracks that are actually Master P remakes of some popular songs.. The first is his current single 'Just Be Straight With Me' which is based upon the classic jam from The SOS Band'Just Be Good To Me'.. 'All Night' is a remake of the old Newcleus groove 'Jam On It'..This cut is ok... Other songs which I feel standout include; 'Who Can I Trust' which is melodic, introspective hip hop love song... 'Who Can I Trust' is another introspective song that hits.. Also No Limit's newest soldier Snoop Dogg lays down some verses on the track 'Throw Yo' Hood'.

Overall I gotta say this album by Silk The Shocker is ok.. It doesn't succeed in breakin' any new ground both lyrically nor musically..Also there were too many filler songs.. I like the fact that he made some introspective type songs.. However, I was hoping that Silk would've put some sort of theme or brought forth some sort of concept that would allow us to get to know him as an artist.. Unfortunately his songs don't really lend much insight either.. I came into the album knowing that Silk his Master P's brother.. and I leave the album not knowing much more... That's a shame because in order for this whole Master P phenomenon to substain itself, I think it's gonna be necessary for his legion of No Limit artists to be further developed...Charge It 2 Da Game doesn't do this... I think folks are ready for a change And I would hope that Master P's artists help take us in that direction.. I give this lp a C+...
Reviewed By Davey D

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