'Shyne' [Bad Boy]


He ain't no Biggie..but he's doing his best to Shyne..

here has been a lot of controversy and anticipation about Shyne. Although he hates to get into conversations about it.. It's the fact that he sounds like Biggie which led to everyone trying to snag him early on..I'm not sure if him being on Bad Boy is a good match, because he winds up holding all of the baggage Puffy brings to the situation. In other words its hard to get passed Puffy, Bad Boy and Biggie to appreciate or even fairly listen to Shyne..

So how's the album? It's ok.. It proabably would've been a good first outting for anyone else, but because of Shyne and all the drama around him, one expected a lot more and I don't feel he fully delivered.. The music is not the best and not ground breaking at all. Unlike on other Bad Boy tracks.. Puff didn't bring any standout club cuts other then the reggae flavored 'Bad Boyz' which features Barrington Levy.. 'That's Gangsta' which borrows from the Fosters 'Misdemeanor' which was in turn made famous by The DOC and his cut 'Funky Enough', is a cool song.. He also has a song with Slim from 112 which shows some potential 'Get Out' The other cut that stands out is 'Bonnie & Shyne' which also features Barrington Levy..

One of the problems I have with Shyne is that he raps about all his street/hustling thug life..Its something he's definitely been through, but he is no where near the the skill level of Biggie.. Because he sounds like BIG I'm waiting and expecting him to rap on that level and be compelling in his rap and story telling.. He never gets there.. Hence I have to force myself to try and like Shyne for being Shyne.. It's hard to do.. because he constantly reminds me of Biggie.. and makes me wish it was him rapping on the mic..

Davey D


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