'Y2K The Album'

[Tommy Boy]


Rough Raw and Gritty This latest product of Queensbridge brings heat for your ass. I'm definitely feeling them...

Every so often an album comes alone that hits a chord and strikes a nerve. It hits you in such a way that even if you don't agree with the subject matter, you can appreciate the group because you can 'feel' them.. Screwball is that group.

On one hand these rouffnecks from QB don't cover any new ground. Their MO is life on the streets. Unlike a lot of other artist who tell tall tales, Srewball comes across as some cats who actually lived it. In fact their name is in tribute to a slain meber of the group. They dedicate the album to him. They don't seem to glamorize or seem to be trying to prove a point about how tough they are. They do however seem to reflect what they've been through and they do it well. The beats are hard hittin' and their lyrics are searing. You can't help but not feel them..

Stand out tracks include; 'Take It There' which features Capone. 'You Love To Hear The Stories' is off the hook as MC Shan, QB's original son passes the Hip Hop torch to Screwball. Other tracks like 'The Operation' , 'The Blocks' and 'No Exceptions' detail the harsh streets of Queensbridge. 'Who Shot Rudy?' expresses the angst and frustration that many in New York feel torward Mayor Giuliani. The controversial song inadvertantly got the group a lot of press. It wasn't a gimmick designed to do that. In fact they actually try to downplay the song. Finally we have the group's anthem which arguably put them on the Hip Hop map 'H-O-S-T-Y-L-E'.

Overall Screwball is a group to watch. They bring skillz and dope as beats to the table.. Everyone from DJ Premier to Pete Rock have blessed them..Definitely one of the better albums for 2G.

Davey D

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