July 24 1997 Run DMC was in town the last week.. to perform at Club Usual in San Jose and at The DNA Lounge in SF...I along with a line of people stretching down the block and around the corner caught their San Jose. It was good to see them.. They got nice energy..and come across real positive and refreshing...Most interesting was Run's religious committment which has him no longer using curse words or exuding some of non-Christian like behavior the group had been associated with in the past.

Unfortunately, I think Reverend Run has been doing too many sermons cause his voice was completely shot.. In fact it was painfully shot. The brother sounded like DOC.. I had to leave the show early cause his grating voice was hurtin' me. Please Lord let Run get his voice back in time for KMEL Summer Jam... :)

August 5th 1996....Run DMC along with 18 other acts performed at KMEL Summer Jam... They impressed folks with a stellar performance.. Their routines were tight as they took folks on a trip down memory lane.. There was some concern that Run would hit the stage with the garting voice that plagued him two weeks ago.. when the group was in town.. Fortunately he was cool.. The one with the grating voice was partner DMC.. But he managed to hold it together so that 20 thousand people could enjoy the performance.

written by Davey D
August 5 1996