Rumble In
The Bronx

Is On Point

Jackie Chan is one of those folks who you just can't say enough about. He clearly understands that a successful movie is one that goes out of it's way to appeal to it's audience. He could've easily done your average kung-fu flick where he single handly destroys 50 of his foes. It certainly would've had its appeal...But that audience would've probably been limited. In addition that audience may also have started trying to compare to karate legend Bruce Lee. ..and let's face it.. As much as I like Jackie, he ain't no Bruce Lee..
Chan's seemingly understands he accentuates his own strengths which happens to be his charm and charisma. This coupled with Chan's athletic prowess and fighting skills, makes Rumble In The Bronx and entertaining and funny movie...In fact Rumble is so funny at times, that you forget you are actually watching a 'karate' flick...The other strength about Rumble is that the fighting scenes although exaggerated are presented in such a way that they seem realistic...In other words, Chan makes it seem like that folks really fight in the manner that he displays.. And who knows perhaps there are some kids out there jumping 40 feet from one building ledge to another while doing backflips :)

The bottom line here is I whole heartly endorse this movie.. It's funny and very entertaining.. The best part is Chan's charm makes it so you can actually bring your girl to the movie with you and she'll come out feeling just as entertained... Don't blame me however, if she falls for Jackie my other half did.

Davey D 3/20/96

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