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Rodney King Is In The Rap Game

Monday June 23 1997

Well, it seems like everyone is getting into the rap game...Hip Hop's most recent entry is Mr Rodney King...Folks may recall, Rodney as the brotha who a few years back was caught on video tape getting his ass whupped on by some over zealous white LA cops..The acquittal of these officers set off one of the worse riots in US history...

Rodney King who was at the center of all this sued the city of LA and won 3.8 million dollars.. With some of that money, he just opened up his rap label called 'Straight Alta-Pazz'..Now I'm not exactly sure who Mr King intends to sign...Perhaps he'll rerelease the NWA classic 'F&*k Tha Police' or maybe he'll bring an end to this whole East/West Coast war since he's always asking 'Can't We All Get Along?'..

Davey D