Lil Troy
'Back to Ballin'
[Short Stop]


Houston based Lil Troy is back on the scene after doing some time in the pen.The question is can he regain the momentum he had several years ago when he released the hit song 'I Wanna Be A Baller'? I gotta be honest I listened to this album several times hoping for a return of that magic formula. Sadly it is not there. The album sounds dated. There's only a couple of songs on here worth peeping and both of them revolve around the 'I Wanna Be A baller' theme. One of the cuts is a Chop and Screwed version of the hit song which was apparently done before famed DJ Screw passed away.

Lil Troy has to go back to the lab and add some more seasoning to this very bland offering.

Stand out cuts songs include: 'Back to Balling', 'Dead Wrong [acapella]','Keep My name Out Your Mouth', 'I Wanna Be A Baller [chop & screwed version]'


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