Lil J
'All About J'


Another young kid comes to the scene and tries to entice us into accepting him as a dues paying rapper. It doesn't quite work here for Lil J who is too old to be a cute lil kid and too young to be taken as a serious rapper. This is evidence by the music. On many of the songs on this album we have Lil J earnestly rapping to some very pop sounding, sappy beats.. which is great for pre-teen girls.

On other songs we have Lil J trying to rap to thugged out, east coast flavored beats that seems more suited for cats like Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z. The results are schizophrenic. This album is not up to snuff with only a couple of songs worth peeping including; 'It's The Weekend' and a remake of the BBD classic 'See You Smile Again'. Other then that the album is lacking big time for both kids and serious rap fans..

Stand out cuts songs include: 'It's The Weekend', 'I Didn't Know' and 'See You Smile Again'


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