'Still Up In This Shit'
[Hit A Lick]


Kid Frost is back with a shortened name.. He's now just called Frost. Unfortunately he doesn't deliver with the same punch that he did when he was rocking jams like 'La Raza' and 'Ain't No Sunshine'. Gone are the Latin tinged beats that initially made Frost a stand out emcee to be reckoned with. He replaces them with the typical Cali Funk beats and a gangsta attitude which now makes him sound like just one of many cats on the block kicking the 'same ole same ole'. While its true that Frost like many who are from Southern Cali probably grew up on this sound... its been a bit overdone. Frost should've came different. He does shines a little on head nodding cut called 'Put In Work' where he teams up with Daz Dillinger. He really delivers on the ballad- like groove 'I'm Still Here' which features the old school singing group 'Tierra'

Stand out cuts songs include: 'Put In Work', 'Everybody Knows' and 'I'm Still Here'


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