Jacky Jasper
'Keep My Shit Clean'
[Number 6 Records]


Jacky Jasper is another one of Kool Keith's many alter egos. The Jacky character is a big time pimp who offers no apologies for his lifestyle. I'm not into the whole pimping thing, but one thing that can not be denied about this album-Kool Keith is one of Hip Hop's most skilled and underated rappers. He never breaks character on this joint and he sounds good.

Many of the songs throughout the album have a Cali-funk head nodding type feel. This seems to be reflective of Keith now living in LA.The Roger Troutmanisque song 'Westside' bears that theory out. Kool Keith fans are gonna like this latest offering.. Be warned the last few songs on this album seem to be filler material. He should've went with 10 songs as opposed to the full 16.

Stand out cuts songs include: 'Game Don't Stop', 'I'm Tired' and 'We Showed Up'


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