Trina delivers a solid album for the audience she appeals to and the style of rap she represents which is happens to be dirty south party music. Songs like the monster hit 'No Panties' and 'Told Y'all' lets you know she has what it takes to get a party started. But its other cuts like the reflective 'U & Me' which shows that Trina has the potential and talent to take it too another level. It's too bad this self proclaimed 'Baddest Bitch' doesn't step it up a notch because she has enough flair and pizzazz to really be like a leader like Queen Latifah or Lauryn Hill, but she seems to enjoy being an artist that appeals to what's tried and true and easy to reach.. that of course being sex and partying.

Stand out cuts songs include: 'U & Me', 'No Panties' and 'Told Y'all'


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