'The Fix'
[Def Jam]


Scarface has long been hailed as one of the legends of the rap game as well as one the big dons if not the biggest of the south. When folks say Face is The Last of a Dying Breed" they aren't kidding. He brings the type of heat to the rhyme table that very few seem capable of duplicating. His current jams 'Guess Who's Back' and 'On My Block' which has a gospel like feel are knocking. One thing about 'The Fix' is that you'll never have to question whether or not Scarface is getting better with time. One listen lets you know that he is.

One of the formulas to his success is that he stays with what works. Hardcore rhymes with a powerful, simple and effective delivery are the main ingredients. This is exhibited in tracks like Gangsta Shit and OG to Me The appearances by Jay-Z, Jayo Felony, and Redman and Too Short don't hurt either.

Another reason you gotta respect Face, nobody really outshines him on his songs even though everyone comes tight. It is PAINFULLY evident that face is still on top of his game. The beats and overall production value of this album is top notch. And Face will have you reflecting one minute, bobbing the next minute, angry the one after that. Please buy this album and keep this man making music like this.

Standout cuts include: 'I Ain't The One', 'In Cold Blood' and 'On My Block'.


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