'Sound Event'
[Table Turn]


DJ Rob Swift aka 'The Colored Man' of the X-ecutioners delivers a masterpiece with the release of his new album 'Sound Event'. It gets nothing but high praise from me. This cat came through and delivered what many have been yearning for-a solid album that is rich with head nodding beats that'll send all deejays back to the lab to reassess their turntable and production skillz.

While Swift does employ the vocals of superb rhyme spitters like Large Professor, Supernatural and J-Live, its his skillful arrangements of musical bits and samples ranging from JJ of the TV show 'Good Times' to 'Malcolm X' that once again remind cats that long before the emcee came along it was the DJ that was large and in charge. Swift also employs the help of fellow turntable masters, DJ Melo-D, DJ Klever, DJ Radar, DJ Quest and D-Styles who add additional spice to an already flavorful album..

There are cuts on this album that folks are gonna peep and say 'mmmm let me use this for the opening of my radio show or mixtape" or better yet, "Let me play this cut to get my party started". It's all straight rewind material. I just wanna go on record and officially say I got first dibs on my favorite song off this album. 'The Ghetto'. I'm using that as the opening theme to kick off my radio show..

Other standout cuts include: 'Hip Hop on Wax', the Malcolm X inspired 'The Program' and uptempo 'Tronic'

written by
Davey D
c 2002


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