'Power In Numbers'


We have to give major props to Jurassic 5. If you do anything this year get a copy of their new album 'Power In Numbers'. I don't care what anyone says they took Hip Hop to another level. This is what I call straight rewind material. It's incredible.. absolutely incredible. No song is wasted.. The beats are hot, their rhymes are off the hook.

What I really dig about the album the fact that it has such a jazzy, soulful vibe... Songs like 'Thin Line' which deals with love between two friends and 'Freedom'; bear that out. The groups chemistry and creativity come through on joints like 'Remember His Name' which deals with the death of a neighborhood gangsta and the head noddin' 'Sum of Us'. Simpoly put words cannot say enough about this album...

Also if your lucky you may be able to track down a copy of the album with the blue label that has the DVD where you can see the day to day activities of the group as they are followed around as well the video to their current single 'What's Golden'

written by
Davey D
c 2002


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