'The Magnificent'


You gotta love the BBE 'Beat Generation' releases - Pete Rock's 'PeteStrumentals', Jay Dee's 'Welcome To Detroit', Marley Marl's 'Re-Entry', Will.I.Am's 'Lost Change', and now Jazzy Jeff, the legendary other-half of Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff.

Jeff's ear for loops, breaks and relaxing sonics is unparalleled - no one can front on his legacy from "Parents Just Don't Understand", to "I Wanna Fight Mike Tyson" to "SummerTime" to "Shake The Room" - now he gets to test his styles with a whole bunch of other artists. The album features vocals from everyone from Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men through to Jill Scott and The Last Emperor. The hottest track on the album undeniably is "Scram" featuring Freddie Foxxx. Foxxx comes through and bangs out ferociously on Jazz's track and being the track in the middle of the album, it serves as the introduction to the more 'popular' artist side of the album, leading into "Mystery Man" which works as the return-to-form track for The Last Emperor, also a Philly native like Jeff, along with fellow Philly-ite Jill Scott on "We Live in Philly" which serves as the fix between here last and next album.

Other artists featured are J-Live, Baby Blak and Pauly Yamz, and soul sensation Rahiem (no, not the old school rapper). With it's lyrical ups and downs, please believe Jazz laces the album with straight fire that excentuate the best out of the very worst artists - like dude from boyz to Men and Chef.

written by
Mark 'Eastbase' Thompson of


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