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Notorious BIG's last radio interview
This interview took place on Tuesday March 4 1997 on KMEL's Breakfest Club Show... It was Biggie's Last interview... It's very provacative and shows a light hearted..playful Biggie.. He talks about his love for God among other things...

2Pac's Last Interview on West Side Radio with Sway of The Wake Up Show

2Pac's Last Interview on West Side Radio w/ Sway pt 2

The above interviews are the controversial excerpts from 2Pac's last radio interview which took place on KMEL last year... It's worth listening to again.. Especially with the recent shooting of Biggie..

Friday Night Vibe Show...

DJ Premier Mixtape

Real Audio FNV Radio Show..Gavin Special.. Oct 96

This particular show features interviews and freestyles from all sorts of artists including... YoYo, Chino XL, Original Gunn Clappaz and Helter Skelter.... The show was off the hook... Please enjoy.. and let me know what you think....

Real Audio Interview With Chuck D... Oct '96

This was a pretty insightful interview between my boy Kevvy Kev of the Danger Zone Hip Hop Show and Public Enemy's Chuck D.. Chuck lets losse on a lot of things folks aren't up on.. Peep it out..

(Mercury Records)

These are some selected tracks from Chuck D's upcoming solo project.. Special guest include Hyenas In The Desert and Issac Hayes...


Below are 90 minute excerpts from my Friday Nite hip hop show which can be heard throughout Northern and Central Cali on 94.1 FM KPFA/ KPFB in Berkeley and KFCF in Fresno... Enjoy the flavas...

FNV 9-6-1996

FNV 8-31-1996

FNV 8-9-1996

FNV 6-28-1996

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