Stones Throw

One Of The Bay Area's Best Comes With Serious Thunder
This Album Is The Bomb-Rasco Got Skillz

San Mateo native Rasco got everyone open last year with a dope ass song called 'Unassisted'.. His deep voice and straight ahead rap style was crushing...He blew up the spot.. After the song folks just waited and waited and waited-wondering when the heck Rasco would drop his debut album.. Well at long last it has dropped.. It's appropriately titled 'Time Waits For No Man'.. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed upon hearing this.. One of the things I've noticed over the years is that there are dope emcees who come out.. but their music is oftentimes lacking.. Such is not the case with Rasco.. His production team includes folks like Kut Masta Kurt of the King Tech Wake Up Show, Paul Nice, Peanut Butter Wolf and Evidence of the group Dialated Peoples. They all came through and represented..

Of course Rasco's flow continues to be sinister.. I'll say it now.. He will light a hole in anyone's ass when it comes to flowing on the mic..No doubt..Stand out cuts on the album include..the title track, 'Time Waits For No Man', 'Me & My Crew' is a hard hittin' joint as is 'Major League'. A song that comes close to matching the track 'Unassisted' is his current single 'What's It All About'. Anyone intrested in peeping out Rasco.. give him and his Stones Throw crew a call at 408-631-3012.. tell 'em Davey D sent you.. But let warn ya.. Don't call and try and battle Rasco.. or you'll get your feelings hurt big time...In The meantime peep out the album.. Rasco brings new light to the Bay Area rap scene..I'll give this album an A-

Reviewed By Davey D

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