Rappin' 4Tay
Off Parole [EMI]

For folks who don't know Rappin' 4Tay is one of the Godfathers for San Francisco's rap scene. When Too Short was across the Bay slangin' rap tapes, 4Tay was over in the city trying hard to break the stereotype that had unduly effected SF rap artists because of the City's large gay population... 4Tay once spoke on how he felt rappers from SF had to struggle twice as hard because people had so many hang ups about gays and hence started thinkin' everyone in San Francisco was gay... Rappers out here were never taken seriously..

Well 4Tay who is on his 3rd lp has defintely broken the mode.. and has led the charge.. Hailing from SF's notorious Filmore section...Rappin' 4Tay has definitely been through it... It's ironic that his new lp which is selling like flapjacks is entitled Off Parole..bnecause as this is being written Rappin' 4Tay is on lock down in San Quentin..for parole violations.. He was arrested in March and got another 3 months attached to his sentence when he was accused of starting a prison riot.. Ironically another popular Bay Area artist is serving time in San Quentin... Poohman...But while 4Tay will be out in the middle of June of '96... Poohman will have to serve another 2 years....Man ya gotta love America...It's definitely the land of opportunity

So how is 4Tay's album?..It's solid..It's strong..It's focused.. It's his best yet..He did the Bay Area proud by putting this out... The beats and lyrics are indicatative of Bay Area street hip hop and has been sought out by more then a few folks as one constantly hears the lp boomin' from the trunks of people's cars..

Standout tracks include...the socially conscious 'Comin' Back', 'Hala At A Playa' and his new single.. 'A Lil' Some'Em Some 'Em..The tracks were produced by folks like Doug Rasheed, TC and Regi-Reg, Mike Dean and Al Eaton.. Off Parole also has some ntable artists making guest appearances including...JT The Bigga Figga, Too Short, MC Breed and Passion

Overall..Off Parole is on hit...and if you're a fan of Bay Area style hip hop... you will definitely wanna peep out
Rappin' 4Tay...GRADE=B

Davey D

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