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Rakim Returns
It's been a long time he shouldn't have left you...Those were the immortal words of Rakim when he dropped the hip hop classic.. I know You Got Soul. For a number of years afterwards Rakim thoroughly entertained us with bomb hit after bomb hit... Suddenly he disappeared and we never heard from him... Every so often a song or two would pop up on a mix tape... He even had a song that was featured on the Black Panther sound track.. But for the most part.. the Microphone Fiend left us fiending for him.. Even for industry insiders Rakim remained an elusive figure.. Why and where he dropped off to remained a mystery... He never showed up on anyone's hip hop show.. He never was a guest on anyone's lp..

I recall having a recent conversation with his former partner in crime.. Eric B... and was still I was left wondering what the heck happened to Rakim.. The only info Eric gave up was that last time he spoke to 'The R' which he was working on an album that he had started 3 years ago....

Well folks, I'm still not sure as to where Rakim has been hiding out.. but I do know that about to return in a major way. He just inked a deal with Universal records and he's putting on the finishing touches to his upcoming album. The lp which is untitled is due out in July and it contains tracks that were produced by Premier of Gang Starr, DJ Clark Kent and Havock of Mobb Deep.. His first single will be featured on the sound track to the movie Hoodlum starring Larry Fishburne and is due out in two weeks..

Update: We just got the Rakim single today [6/11/97] It's an onimous type song done with Mobb Deep.. It sounds like a straight up Mobb Deep cut and get this.. It's really hard to tell the difference between Rakim and Havoc who kicks off the first verse.. Rakim's voice doesn't sound as deep and it sounded a bit sped up.. I'm hopin' it's the record company doing this.. so that if anyone like myself grabbed hold of the song prematurely..it wouldn't be 'right'.. Well 'cest la vie.. I wound up be able to tell it was Rakim because of the things he said in his rhymes like 'being forever the 18th letter'...

written by
Davey D