Positive K
'Mr Jiggliano'-84 bpm [Creative Music]

I remember a few years back when Positive K was heard all over because of his pop hit, 'I Got A Man'. It featured him rapping to a female as to why she should get with him and leave her boyfriend. Everyone knows the comical refrain..'I Got A Man'... What I personally found comical was the fact that it was Positive K using a high pitched voice to rap like the female...but ssssh, you didn't hear that from me...:) The point I'm making is after that song and his follow up 'Car Hoppers', one didn't really hear from Positive for a long long time.. He seemingly dropped out of sight..admist all sorts of rumours.

One tale had him going to jail for assault because he beat up a sound man..Not true..another one said he had AIDS..not true The other had him having label problems..That might be true.. Whatever the case..Pos.. is back with some new and improved stuff for ya. He's maintained his independent Creative Control record label..and he's retained his skillz and all of his flava.. In fact I think he added a bit more flava..His new track Mr Jiggliano, may not be heard on radio stations all over the country like his I Got A Man hit, but it will have headz from all over the world snapping their fingers, bobbin' their heads and saying 'Ah yeah this is the Sh%t'..
The beat is a slow, laidback groove that has a western/saloon type sound to it...His flow is cool and just to put it simply, I'm glad to see Positive K back...

Davey D 3/24/96


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