The Black Panther Of Hip Hop
has a rougher and more rugged sound
This album has more street appeal...

The Black Panther of Hip Hop is back with a rougher and more rugged sound.. Paris who is known for some of hip hop's most miltant and concious lyrics.. avoids coming across preachy by putting himself in the role of the ghetto soldier.. With tight beats and ghetto slang... he remains on the path of righteousness while at the same time staying close to the very people he needs to reach most...

This is Paris' 4th album and I can see some of his core fans criticizing 'Unleashed'.. Gone are the overt references to the Nation Of Islam and the Black Panther Party... Some may claim Paris should've built upon these themes and enhanced those original messages.. and imagery.. If you ask Paris.. he has.. he's grown and evolved into the ultimate Street Soldier...He's simplified his messages and perhaps made himself more appealing to that 'ghetto/ street' audience...

This is a strong lp for Paris.. although I think he could've taken things a lot further.. But heck he's been off the block for a good 3 1/2 years.. It's good to have him back spitting game.. His best cuts include.. the P-Funk inspired 'Street Soldier', 'Mob On' with Spice 1 and the Bonnie & Clyde like '44 Wayz' which features Bay Area rhyme poetess Mystic..

Other cool tracks include 'Conversations', 'Thug Livin' featuring former Death Row artist Nuttso and the very potent 'Record Label Murderer'..Overall P-Dog comes through... This lp is solid...and will make you glad that Paris is back...

Reviewed By Davey D

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