'All Eyez On Me' [Death Row]

2Pac probably made one of the best career moves of his life by hooking up with the Death Row Family..And his newly released LP will back that up. This man has blown up on every major scene of the rap universe. You can't go anywhere without hearing someone playing something off of the new Pac tape.

'All Eyez On Me' definitely put all the different eyes of raps many heads on him. Recently, I was having a conversation with the Dark Sun Riders when we got on the topic of Death Row.... They said that New Yorkers don't have a feel for Tha Dogg Pound but they said that they love them some 2Pac. Fools from the many turfs (narcotic spots) of East Oakland play the double album out. I don't care what kind of rap you're into I think that you need to check it out if you haven't already.

My favorite songs on the tape are 'I Ain't Mad at Ya' , a song that features the Death Row crooner Danny boy, 'How Do You Want It', which features Jodeci singing the chorus, 'All Eyez on Me', a song that definitely has West Coast turf music appeal, 'I Got My Mind Made Up', features Redman, Method Man, and Tha Dogg Pound, and for the East Coast lovers this for surely was influenced by the East but it also has a tinge of turf music flavor. Keep your eyez open cauz this will definitely be a classic.

Peace!..JR 'Knight Writer' Valrey

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